The neighbor nearby gave her two plots of land. She said that she would let her father-in-law have nothing to grow next year. There were two rows of sweet potatoes in the land that didn’t come out. Her father-in-law also got up a few days ago. In the northeast, our favorite food is roast sweet potatoes. A round iron bucket, full of fragrance in the street


4 sweet potatoes
1 piece of tin foil


Step 1
Clean the sweet potato

Step 2
Wipe dry the water

Step 3
Wrap the small head with tin foil

Step 4
On a tin coated baking tray

Step 5
Bake in a preheated oven at 220 degrees for an hour

Step 6
Turn the middle several times

Step 7
Insert it. If you can pierce it through, it will be cooked