Pickled cabbage pickled with Chinese cabbage in winter is a dish that people in Northeast China like and often eat. In the past, when materials were scarce, pickled cabbage and radish were basically the main vegetables in winter. Although there is everything you want to eat now, this delicious blend of fermented acid, crispness and ribs still often attracts people to eat. Do not use the spare ribs, but the part with a little cartilage and a bowl of rice. It’s really comfortable to eat.


Half a pickled cabbage
1 jin spare ribs
3 tablespoons salt
1 tablespoon sugar
A little green onion, ginger and garlic
2 fragrant leaves
1 octagonal
A little cinnamon
1 tablespoon cooking wine
A little raw


Step 1
Wash ribs and soak in cold water to remove blood

Step 2
Boil in cold water, remove foam and drain

Step 3
Put half of the salt, sugar, other spices, ribs and warm water into the electric pressure cooker, and select the meat program to execute

Step 4
While stewing ribs, rinse pickled cabbage in cold water, squeeze out the water, and cut into shreds for standby

Step 5
After about 30 minutes, the ribs were soft and rotten

Step 6
Pour half of the spareribs soup in the electric pressure cooker into the iron pot, put in the spareribs and pickled vegetables, add the remaining half of salt and sugar, and stew over medium heat until the pickled vegetables are cooked. Different sauerkraut ripens at different times. It can taste slightly soft and crisp, usually about 10 minutes.