After eating the Orleans roast wings, of course, you can’t miss the barbecue. The roasted five flowers are greasy, fat but not greasy. How can they be delicious~


250g streaky pork
20G Orleans barbecue marinade
20G clear water


Step 1
Wash streaky pork and cut into thin slices ~ set aside

Step 2
Melt the bacon marinade with water and mix well

Step 3
Pour the mixed marinade sauce into the streaky pork, grasp it evenly by hand, put it into the fresh-keeping bag, refrigerate it in the refrigerator and marinate it for 3 ~ 4 hours. I marinate it all night, which is more delicious

Step 4
Take the pickled pork out of the refrigerator and set aside

Step 5
Electric cake pan preheating

Step 6
After preheating, select the "barbecue" file, spread the streaky pork on the cake pan, and roast the meat