Yesterday I went to the supermarket to buy a lot of vegetables. Today I found that the leek seems a little restless. It’s just that the child has a holiday. Let’s be a zygote so that the baby can eat more. Otherwise, the boy is too picky about food.


600g flour
6 eggs
500g leek yellow
100g boiled water
Proper amount of salt
350 g warm water
3 tbsp peanut oil
50g shrimp skin
3 tablespoons corn oil
3 G pepper powder
1 tablespoon oyster sauce


Step 1
Prepare the flour

Step 2
Scald a quarter of the flour with boiling water

Step 3
Then slowly pour in warm water, shake until there is no dry powder, and wake up for more than half an hour

Step 4
Egg breaking

Step 5
Pour more corn oil into the pot than when cooking

Step 6
Heat the oil and pour in the egg liquid

Step 7
Rapid dispersion

Step 8
Throw in a handful of shrimps and stir fry until cool

Step 9
Wash the leek and control the moisture

Step 10

Step 11
Cut all the and pour in a little corn oil

Step 12
When the noodles wake up, pour in the eggs

Step 13
Season with peanut oil, oyster sauce, salt and pepper powder

Step 14
The dough is divided into three parts

Step 15
Take a long strip

Step 16
Pull it into a small dosage

Step 17
Roll into a round skin

Step 18
Pack with stuffing

Step 19
Make dumplings, but don't pinch the pleats

Step 20
Press flat

Step 21
Electric cake pan preheating

Step 22
Pour a little oil after preheating

Step 23
Code into the cake pan, close the lid, fry until 20% colored and bulging