Fried agaric with broccoli on the table is nutritious and low oil and light fat. It can’t be better. Broccoli is rich in nutrition and rich in vitamins. It has the effects of anti-cancer, anti-oxidation and enhancing immunity. Especially in the prevention and treatment of gastric cancer and breast cancer. Agaric meat is delicate, crisp, smooth and refreshing, rich in nutrition and contains a variety of vitamins.


1 Western Blue Flower
5g dry fungus
1 carrot
5g minced garlic
5g raw extract
3 G oyster sauce
3 G chicken essence


Step 1
Soak Auricularia auricula, blanch it with hot water and remove it for use

Step 2
Cut the carrot into small pieces and press out the flower shape with a die

Step 3
Wash the broccoli, break it into small flowers, blanch it with boiling water, remove and drain the water

Step 4
After the minced garlic is fragrant, add agaric and carrot and stir fry a few times. Only when the carrot dissolves in oil can more carotene be released

Step 5
Then add broccoli and stir fry

Step 6
Add soy sauce, oyster sauce and chicken essence to taste, and you can get out of the pot~