The hot broadcast Han Zongjiang canteen is the same as the spicy fried New Year cake. Every week, when you chase Zong with your beloved him. I always asked when I would cook for him. Today, I finally satisfied him. The crispy fried vegetables collide with the spicy rice cake. It’s really good to eat!


250g rice cake
75g potatoes
2 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons raw soy sauce
100g cabbage
Half an onion
Proper amount of fish cake
Proper amount of tempura powder
50g spinach
75g taro
75g carrot
2 tablespoons Korean chili sauce
2 tablespoons sugar syrup


Step 1
Cut potatoes, taro, carrots and spinach into shreds.

Step 2
Shredded cabbage.

Step 3
Slice the fish cake.

Step 4
Shred the onion.

Step 5
Mix the sauce and set aside.

Step 6
Pour water into the pot.

Step 7
Pour in the sauce.

Step 8
Add rice cakes after boiling.

Step 9
Boil again.

Step 10
Add fish cake, onion and cabbage.

Step 11
After boiling, add an appropriate amount of kimchi.

Step 12
Cook until the rice cakes are cooked.

Step 13
Take a bowl and put some tempura powder on it.

Step 14
Proper amount of water.

Step 15
Stir to a thin paste.

Step 16
Put shredded carrots in turn, stick them evenly, and then clip them out. Add shredded taro and everything. Shredded potatoes and spinach are the same.

Step 17
Heat the oil in the pot and put in four kinds of vegetable dishes with tempura powder.

Step 18
Just fry it and fry it slowly.

Step 19
Put the fried vegetables on the cooked rice cake.

Step 20
Put some more kimchi.

Step 21
Let's go.