Eating beef properly in winter can supplement protein and improve immunity. The first choice for eating beef is beef tendon. Buying a beef tendon and cooking it with a private secret recipe is much better than selling it


1000g bovine tendon
15g salt
10g soy sauce
30g rock sugar
5g star anise
2G pepper
5g cinnamon
10g licorice
10g Codonopsis pilosula
100g bean paste
30g scallion
20G ginger
10g Hawthorn
5 red peppers
3 fragrant leaves
20G cooking wine


Step 1
Sauce beef ingredients

Step 2
Accessories ready

Step 3
It takes about 3-4 hours for cattle tendons to soak in bleeding water with clean water, and change the water 2-3 times in the middle, so that the brine will not be fishy

Step 4
Put the cold water pot over the fire and add the ox tendon to soak the blood water

Step 5
Boil and thoroughly blanch out the blood and water impurities

Step 6
Put all the accessories into the stew

Step 7
Pour an appropriate amount of cooking wine

Step 8
Moderate old smoking

Step 9
Add bean paste

Step 10
Add proper amount of water and boil to form sauce brine soup

Step 11
Blanched beef tendons are washed with clean water and put into sauce brine soup

Step 12
Bring to a boil over high heat and simmer over low heat. You can easily pierce it through with chopsticks and cook it

Step 13
Cook, remove, cool and slice

Step 14
It tastes great. It's not firewood at all