I’ve eaten a coupled eggplant box and never tried to make a box with zucchini. Fortunately, the practice is the same. Then I change my taste and use zucchini instead of Eggplant and lotus root. I also use the method of frying over a low fire. The zucchini leek box tastes good.


1 zucchini
50g leek
2 eggs
80g water
100g flour


Step 1
Scrambled eggs

Step 2
Wash the leeks, control the water and cut them into powder

Step 3
Mix the scrambled eggs with leeks and salt

Step 4
Cut the zucchini into the shape shown in the picture

Step 5
Put egg and leek stuffing in zucchini

Step 6
Flour, eggs and water

Step 7
Mix it into a flowing batter, add salt and mix well

Step 8
Paste the zucchini box with stuffing

Step 9
Pour a little oil into a non stick pan and put it on the raw embryo

Step 10
Fry until both sides are brown and cooked

Step 11
A few left without stuffing are fried together

Step 12
All ready to eat