Fish flavored shredded pork is a famous Sichuan dish, which is available in many restaurants. The most important reason why it is famous is that there are many people who like it. It tastes wonderful and delicious. Of course, there are a lot of things to pay attention to. First of all, the flavor of this dish is unique, sweet and sour, salty, spicy, but no one can be preemptive or too prominent; On the other hand, you can’t leave the soup in this dish. All the juices can be received into the raw materials. Therefore, this dish is most suitable to be cooked with the [dry pot] function of our automatic cooking pot【 The function of “dry pot” can not only blend various flavors, but also automatically collect the soup, which is absolutely the standard effect of cooking authentic fish flavored shredded meat.


200g pork
50g Auricularia auricula
10 ml cooking wine
10 ml soy sauce
3 g salt
65 ml oil
2 slices of ginger
8 cloved garlic
20G pickled pepper
15g sugar
20 ml of water
20G shredded green onion
20 ml vinegar
50g water hair yulanpian


Step 1
The above condiments should be used according to the following classification:

Step 2
Cut pork into shreds, put in marinating seasonings (cooking wine, soy sauce, salt) and mix well, finally put a little oil and mix well, then marinate for 5-10 minutes;

Step 3
Wash the fresh bamboo shoots and Auricularia auricula and cut them into shreds. Shred the ginger and chop the garlic into minced garlic;

Step 4
Oil and other cooking seasonings, water, pickled shredded meat, bamboo shoots and Auricularia auricula are put into the pot in turn;

Step 5
Cover the pot, start the [dry pot] function, and the cooking program will be executed automatically;