Fish flavored shredded meat can be said to be a very popular dish, which is very suitable for both rice and fried noodles. However, the taste of fish flavored shredded meat made by different people is not the same, and there are not many delicious dishes. It can be seen that it is not easy to make fish flavored shredded meat. I find that the more simple it seems, the more difficult it is to make a popular dish, Because it’s the hardest thing to satisfy the public.


200g pork fillet
3 Auricularia auricula
50g spring bamboo shoots
1 / 3 egg white
3 pickled red peppers


Step 1
Cut the tenderloin into thin slices and then shred it. It's better to cut the tenderloin if it's a little hard. The shredded meat doesn't need to be too thin

Step 2
Cut the meat into the basin, put water into the meat 2 cm, pinch a little salt inside to stir, and then soak the meat for 10 minutes

Step 3
Pour the pickled shredded meat into the colander, rinse it under the tap, drain the excess water (that is, not in the tick water), then put it into the basin, add 2G of salt, 5g of cooking wine and egg white, then put in the dry starch, and finally put 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil to mix well

Step 4
When soaking meat, chop the pickled red pepper into small pieces

Step 5
Green onion, ginger and garlic are also cut into powder. Pickled fungus and bamboo shoots are cut into shreds. I didn't buy fresh ones. Instead, I used bags of processed bamboo shoots. Just rinse them and drain the water

Step 6
Pour all the ingredients in the sauce (15g cooking wine, 20g rice vinegar, 25g sugar, 1g salt, 20g soy sauce, a little starch) into a small bowl and mix well

Step 7
After the frying pan is heated, pour in vegetable oil (if it's soybean oil, it's better to use cooked soybean oil, otherwise it will have a beany smell). When it's slightly hot, put the shredded meat into the sauce and spread it with chopsticks. The traditional way is to use some oil to slide the shredded meat in the slightly hot oil temperature. I think it's troublesome, so I fry it with the method of stir frying

Step 8
Put the right amount of vegetable oil into the pot and stir fry the red oil in the pickled pepper powder

Step 9
Then add onion, ginger and garlic to stir fry until fragrant. Add shredded bamboo shoots and Auricularia auricula. Stir well and disperse

Step 10
Then put in the shredded meat, pour in the sauce, stir quickly, sprinkle with a little cooked oil, turn twice out of the pot