“Lugui, Suya, Yuefu and Chuanmin” are recognized as the characteristics of the four major cuisines in the catering industry. In the description of Sichuan cuisine, the word “Sichuan people” is used. Although it is not as tall as other cuisines, the essence of Sichuan cuisine is appropriately expressed. Sichuan cuisine chefs and Sichuan people still believe in the belief that “a hundred dishes are not as good as cabbage, meat is still pork”. Cabbage and pork, the two most common ingredients, have made “boiled cabbage” and “double cooked pork” two elegant and popular Sichuan dishes. It can be seen that Sichuan cuisine seems to be common people, but contains elegant characteristics.


250 g pork (lean)
75 g oil mixture
15g ginger rice
25g garlic rice
8 pickled red peppers
30g scallion flower
4 g salt
15g soy sauce
15g vinegar
20G sugar
10 grams of soup
Proper amount of water starch


Step 1
The lean pork (I choose the tenderloin) is cut into two thick shreds (one minute thick, two inches long), add salt (2G), and mix well with starch. Add salt (2G), soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, soup and water powder to thicken sauce

Step 2
Chopped rice with ginger and garlic (rice: a little bigger than minced), pickled red pepper and chopped

Step 3
Put the oil mixture in the frying pan and stir fry the shredded pork until the surface turns white. Stir fry the ginger rice, garlic rice and pickled pepper. When the oil turns red and bright, add the scallion and stir well. Thicken with the sauce. Stir well and set the pan