When I first got married, I lived with my husband in the Guangdong army for a period of time.


250g shrimp dumpling powder
200 grams of boiled water
How many shrimps
100g pork
Half a carrot
A celery stick
A spoonful of oil
A pinch of salt


Step 1
Take all the ingredients out of Midea's smart fridge and thaw them (Wow, they're still fresh).

Step 2
Noodles need to wake up a little to taste good, so mix them first.

Step 3
Add 150 grams of shrimp dumpling powder, mix with chopsticks until it's not hot, knead into smooth dough, cover with wet cloth and set aside

Step 4
Shell the shrimp, pick the shrimp thread with toothpick and cut it into sections

Step 5
Mince Pork

Step 6
Dice carrot and celery, mix with minced pork and shrimp, add 1 teaspoon oil and salt, stir well

Step 7
Shrimp dumpling dough is twisted into long strips and cut into small pieces

Step 8
Sprinkle a little dry powder on the preparation and roll it into a wafer with a rolling pin

Step 9
Use chopsticks to pick a shrimp dumpling filling and put it in the crystal skin

Step 10
Dumplings made into spider belly shape

Step 11
Oil the steaming pan

Step 12
Put the crystal dumplings well, and leave a distance between them to prevent adhesion

Step 13
Put the steaming pan on the steamer

Step 14
Cover, steam, see dumpling skin become transparent, that is good

Step 15
It tastes better when it's hot.