Today, I’ll cook some new year’s dish “yellow croaker with sauerkraut”. Big yellow croaker has the methods of braised, steamed, dry fried and sauteed vegetables. The classic local practice in Zhoushan is “sauteed yellow croaker”. The cooking skill is “1 peel, 2 stir up, 3 fry slightly, 4 pour and boil”. There are still many pits in this dish: no peeling, heavy fishy smell, no stirring of fish and meat, no frying, little flavor, no pouring, boiling and selling. If you add some messy spices, the fresh and sweet taste will be covered up. Many people add sauce to braised pork to cover up the fishy smell, and wide oil and thick frying to make up for the meat powder.


A big yellow croaker
150g sour cabbage
chopped green onion
2 ginger
3 g Sugar
3 g salt
10g olive oil


Step 1
Large yellow croaker thaws naturally. It's best not to thaw with blisters or microwave.

Step 2
Remove the scales. This is a general step. Everyone will. Just keep the fish intact.

Step 3
"Peeling", the fishy smell of yellow croaker mainly comes from the top skin on both sides above the fish eyes, which is also called "iron skin" by locals. After tearing, there are several small compartments inside. The mucus inside is the main source of the fishy smell. Cleaning can eliminate most of the fishy smell.

Step 4
2 "stir up the belly", the big yellow croaker is a single thorn garlic meat. If you cut open the belly and stew the fish meat, it is easy to spread out. First, cut a small opening in front of the fish's anus and cut the fish intestines from the fish.

Step 5
2 "stir the belly", use two chopsticks to extend from the fish's mouth to the fish's belly, spiral stirring, you can bring out the internal organs, not once, stir several times.

Step 6
2 "stir the belly" and rinse it with water from the fish mouth. The fish body should be complete and the water comes out from the small opening at the tail.

Step 7
3 "micro frying", add olive oil, add onion and ginger, and add the drained yellow croaker. Because the big yellow croaker is easy to disperse, many people like wide oil and thick frying, but the yellow croaker with sauerkraut doesn't need to. Just fry it with less oil and low fire.

Step 8
4 "pour and cook", add water and sauerkraut (there is no sauerkraut at home, I use sour cabbage instead, the taste is as fresh and sweet). Don't turn the fish, just pour the hot juice on the fish with a frying spoon.

Step 9
After the fish is stewed, the fish body should be complete. There is not such a big basin at home, so the yellow croaker has to bend down. It tastes delicious and the fish is sweet.