Radish cake, as one of the most popular varieties of New Year cakes in Guangdong, has become a kind of cake that can be eaten all year round. But the sweetness of radish in winter is incomparable to that of radish produced in other times. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine stresses “eating radish in winter and ginger in summer”. Therefore, the habit of steaming radish cake after winter has never changed at least in my family.


7 Jin white radish
100g barbecued pork
50g scallops
40g dried mushroom
450 g sticky rice noodles
50g clear noodles


Step 1
First of all, the material shown on the way is three times the weight, so it is only for reference.

Step 2
Cut the barbecue into small pieces. If you use fat barbecue, you'd better put the fat in a separate bowl.

Step 3
Stir fry with a little oil and barbecued pork

Step 4
Stir out the oil and add the lean barbecued pork

Step 5
And mushrooms

Step 6
Continue to stir fry

Step 7
Seasoning with soy sauce and sugar, add shredded scallops, stir fry well.

Step 8
Note: a small part of yaozhu silk can be left here for cake decoration.

Step 9
Take out the meat yard (don't wash the pot)

Step 10
Put in half peeled and half sliced radish.

Step 11
Put in half peeled and half sliced radish.

Step 12
Add half a teaspoon of salt and water to soak mushrooms and scallops, and cook shredded radish.

Step 13
When you start to have water, you can add pepper

Step 14
Season with oyster sauce.

Step 15
If the water yield of radish is as shown in the figure, the fire can be turned off.

Step 16
Pour in the meat yard

Step 17
And then 4-5 sieve into the deployment of good sticky rice flour and chengmian.

Step 18
Every time you sift, mix it.

Step 19
This step must be patiently stirred to ensure that there is no residual powder head. This is the essence of teaching and cooking radish cake to buy high quality.

Step 20
Finally, put the shredded radish into the mold, sprinkle the shredded carrot, and steam for 45-90 minutes (depending on the depth of the mold).