When you go to the morning market, you always have to come back with big and small packages, but two people can’t eat so much at all, so you must cook more for each meal


500g streaky pork
A rape
Green onion, ginger and garlic
Four pepper
A spoonful of soy sauce
Three spoonfuls of raw soy sauce
A spoonful of soy sauce
Ten crystal sugar
Half a spoonful of chicken essence
A spoonful of oil


Step 1
Wash and cut streaky pork. It's better to freeze it a little in the refrigerator before cutting. It's easier to cut

Step 2
Add water and cooking wine to the boiling pot

Step 3
Boil off foam

Step 4
Remove the drained water

Step 5
Put a small amount of oil in the pot and bring to a boil. Add rock sugar

Step 6
To boil sugar, you must turn on the range hood in this process.. The smell of lampblack is very strong. Look at the meat when it's charred.

Step 7
Be careful not to be crushed by the oil when eating the meat, because the oil temperature is already very high at this time, and it will jump out when you sleep. It is recommended to cover the pot immediately after cooking and shake the frying pan constantly to avoid sticking to the pot.

Step 8
After the meat is cooked, the fire can be turned down a little, and then add three spoons of raw soy sauce, one spoonful of old soy sauce and one spoonful of seafood sauce to continue cooking.

Step 9
After looking at the color, import the boiled water without meat, add onion, ginger, garlic and pepper.

Step 10
In order to cook other dishes with the frying pan, Xiao Yao transferred the whole pot to the casserole and continued to stew with a large casserole over a low heat. At this time, blanch the rape with boiling water.

Step 11
Braised pork with chopsticks, the rest of the bottom soup can be fried rice, and it's easier to brush it clean.

Step 12
Put the plate out of the pot and put it on the table. Here comes the greasy braised meat. How many bowls of rice can you make?