Fried glutinous rice, known as “fried pile” in other places, is not only a traditional Chinese New Year food in Yangjiang, but also a traditional snack in Guangdong. There is a saying in Guangdong that “a house full of gold and silver is full of frying heaps”. Whether in Yangjiang dialect or in Guangzhou dialect, it rhymes and has a very good meaning.


1800 g glutinous rice flour
500g sugar
200g peanut kernel
150g coconut
150g bean paste
150g diced meat
50g sesame
3000 g peanut oil
1000 grams of water


Step 1
The production of Yangjiang xijianci is more exquisite. First, fresh glutinous rice is selected

Step 2
Then soak in water for about 5 hours

Step 3
Then beat the glutinous rice into flour and sift the fine part of the glutinous rice flour with a sieve

Step 4
Take appropriate amount of water to make a dough, put it into a pot and cook it

Step 5
Then, mix the remaining glutinous rice flour with brown sugar and rub it evenly

Step 6
Then knead into a proper size of hollow dough, add peanut, coconut, bean, sesame, diced meat and other fillings

Step 7
Like to eat sesame, sesame can be sprinkled on the surface of the dough, fried into the oil pan, the best oil is peanut oil

Step 8
When frying, keep turning while frying to make it uniform in thickness, round and even. After a few minutes, pick it up, cool it for a while, and then fry it again, three or four times, until the skin is golden.