Wine cup seal is a traditional folk snack in Yangjiang City of Guangdong Province with a long history. It is named wine cup seal because it is molded with wine cup. The method and ingredients are very simple. It tastes delicious.


400g rice noodles
200g glutinous rice flour
150g peanut powder
100g white granulated sugar
50g cooked sesame
Appropriate amount of drinking water


Step 1
First, mix sticky rice flour, glutinous rice flour and water to form a dough

Step 2
Then put the peanut and sesame into the pot and stir fry, then add a little sugar to make the filling

Step 3
The last and key step is to take out a wine cup with a large mouth (about 4cm in width), fill a third of the wine cup with the dough at first, put a little stuffing to compact, then put the dough to compact, and finally pour the dough out of the wine cup. After all the dough has been finished and all the wine cups have been printed, lay them on the plate orderly, and then steam them in the pot or steamer for about 40 minutes.