Laiguo meal is a traditional and authentic snack in Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province. It is sweet and delicious, and has been popular among the people in Yangjiang City for hundreds of years. When it is cooked, it is similar to vermicelli but also like vermicelli. Why is it called Laiguo meal? Because its practice is in the boiling soup bottom situation, with the spoon powder paste filled with some slowly rotating around the pot, so it is named Laiguo meal


350g rice noodles
200g pork (lean)
300g clam snail
20G shrimp
150g radish
100g Luffa
A little peanut oil
A little raw
A little refined salt
A little green onion
Appropriate amount of water


Step 1
Yangjiang Laiguo food is also more attention to the practice of stress, the first selection of fresh rice without poor quality, and then soak in water for about 6 hours

Step 2
Then, turn the dipped rice into flour by machine, and use the plate to air it for standby (of course, it's OK to buy the dipped rice flour directly)

Step 3
The next step is to clean the rest of the fishy smell or sand of the clam shell. After that, put the clam shell on a plate and soak it for a while (it's better to soak them in clean water when you buy the clam shell, so that the sand in the clam shell can be greatly reduced or even not)

Step 4
Then wash the shrimps twice and put them on a plate for standby (don't soak the shrimps, otherwise... They will really become "shrimp bubble" and eventually lose their original flavor)

Step 5
It's estimated that the radish has already been used up_ Then we'll take it on a new look, lose weight, and wipe it thoroughly into a silk dish

Step 6
Onion dream has always wanted to become a flower, then... Let it completely become "onion"

Step 7
Next is the lean pork. Wash it two or three times and cut it into strips (it's better to freeze it in the refrigerator for a while, so it's better to cut it into strips)

Step 8
Then marinate the pork, add peanut oil, salt and soy sauce, stir with chopsticks and set aside

Step 9
The next step is to cut the loofah. After peeling the loofah, cut it into small pieces and set it aside. If it is skinned, it will have a bitter taste after cooking, which is hard to say

Step 10
Then the oil pot, the lean pork into the pot, the fire stir fry

Step 11
After the fifth and sixth lean pork is mature, pour down towel gourd, shrimp and radish and continue to stir fry evenly

Step 12
Stir fry evenly for a while, add appropriate amount of water, and then pour the washed clams into the pot and cook them until all the clams are "opened" (during the cooking period, do not "drip" to paste them, and do not need to add any seasoning during the process of stir frying until boiling, because the pickled lean pork will have a lot of salty taste, if you are "big flavor", Add some seasoning in the process

Step 13
Next, add a lot of water, just submerge and cover the dishes, and then "wait on the fire" until the water boils

Step 14
When the water boils, add the rice flour to the drinking water to make a paste

Step 15
At this time, when the water is boiling, use a spoon to decorate the rice paste, pour it slowly by the edge of the pot, and pour it in a circle shape (this step must be carried out when the water is boiling, otherwise it will become "flour soup")

Step 16
When the paste is caked, gently shovel the circle off the bottom of the pot, then put a spoon to the edge of the pot, and so on, until all the paste is finished

Step 17
Powder paste caking and then shovel under the bottom of the pot to cook, the final shape is like this oh Ծ ̮ Ծ

Step 18
After all the powder has been fooled, then stir until the powder is open, and then put in the right amount of seasoning, put some scallions to stir

Step 19
Then try the taste. If it's too light, add some seasoning

Step 20
Of course, you can also add roast goose / duck, beef brisket meat and juice when you are ready to eat. The effect will be better and more delicious