Why is it called “doggie”? Because its shape is similar to a dog’s tongue, so it got its name. It is a traditional folk food in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province. It has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, and removing liver fire. It is also a snack that Yangjiang people often eat in summer. Its main materials are the leaves of Jishiteng, baimaye and other plants and glutinous rice flour. The leaves of Jishiteng, white hemp and other plants collected in the suburbs can be screened, washed and dried. They can be mashed or ground into powder. They can be made into strips with dough to be flattened and steamed. Sugar can be added according to the taste.


Appropriate amount of Spatholobus scandens
1000 g glutinous rice flour
1 bottle of soda water
A little sugar
Appropriate amount of water
Appropriate amount of Acanthopanax
Appropriate amount of white hemp leaf


Step 1
First of all, go to the wild to pick some leaves of Celastrus angustifolia

Step 2
Ā  And then I'll pick some Acanthus

Step 3
Add some heat clearing and detoxifying white hemp leaves

Step 4
Then screen out the three kinds of leaves, wash them, dry them (do not use the bad ones, keep the good ones), mix them together and mash them after drying

Step 5
Prepare several packages of glutinous rice flour and pour them into the plate

Step 6
A bottle of edible soda

Step 7
Then put the mashed leaves and alkali water into the pot and boil

Step 8
After the mashed leaves and alkali water are boiled, slowly pour them into the plate filled with glutinous rice flour for "two in one". Pour them gently while stirring evenly with chopsticks

Step 9
This is what it looks like when it's almost well mixed. At this time, add a little sugar and continue to stir evenly for a while

Step 10
The next step is to mix the dough with your hands (as for how to mix the dough, I think we all know it well, then I have to ignore it). After the dough is mixed, it turns green, looks very beautiful and has a little exotic temperament

Step 11
Then the big dough is divided into several pieces and hand-made

Step 12
The method is very simple, mainly knead a small piece of dough into strips, and then gently flatten the strips by hand from the beginning to the end. It can also be replaced by a dough stick, but it should not be too thin in the process of flatteningļ¼ˆ Although this method is simple, it is also important to maintain the appropriate strength. It is not the same as the Tathagata. There is no residue left

Step 13
When all the dough has been used up and all the dogs are ready, put them on the plate or steamer in an orderly way to "steam day by day and cook in disguise".

Step 14
The cooked dog is different in disguise. It turns dark green and can be eaten now