Xinjiang is the land I have always yearned for. It has a fascinating long culture,


1 grass chicken
200g ordinary flour
Half an onion
1 red pepper
2 potatoes
4 red peppers
Proper amount of pepper
4 slices of ginger
2 octagons
1 can of beer
1 tablespoon bean paste
2 tablespoons ketchup
Proper raw extract
Moderate warm water
Right amount


Step 1
Slowly pour in the flour with warm water and stir it into cotton wadding

Step 2
According to the water absorption of flour, add an appropriate amount of warm water to knead the flour into a smooth dough and let it stand for 20 minutes

Step 3
Prepare the materials, take out the chicken viscera, clean the whole set, and cut into pieces for standby

Step 4
Coat the dough with olive oil and let it rest with a rolling pin for 10 minutes

Step 5
Fold the dough and cut it with a knife

Step 6
Clean onions, red peppers and potatoes and cut into pieces for later use

Step 7
Boil a pot of water, add ginger and some pepper in the pot

Step 8
After boiling, pour the diced chicken into the pot, turn over and cook until the chicken turns white, remove and drain

Step 9
Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pot, heat it, add ginger slices, red pepper and pepper, and burst out the flavor

Step 10
Pour in chicken and stir fry evenly

Step 11
Pour in a spoonful of bean paste and stir fry evenly

Step 12
Pour in the chopped potatoes

Step 13
Add raw soy sauce and stir fry evenly

Step 14
Pour in a tin of beer

Step 15
Stir two tablespoons of ketchup and simmer over minimum heat

Step 16
Pour in onion and red pepper before juice collection, stir fry evenly and then out of the pot

Step 17
Boil a pot of water. After the water boils, put the cut noodles into the pot, turn over and cook for 3 minutes, and then come out of the pot for standby

Step 18
Lay the noodles under it and put the cooked chicken on it