Xiangnong shredded chicken roll


Chicken essence
zanthoxylum oil
black pepper
Sweet and sour chili sauce


Step 1
Use microwave to make spring roll skin, (flour paste mixed with dumpling powder and water, (about 1:7), stir evenly, no particles is the best.

Step 2
Then take a special flat plate for microwave, apply a little oil, and pour the flour paste into about 1-2 cm, depending on the thickness of spring roll skin.

Step 3
Then put the plate into the microwave oven for 6-7 minutes, the surface of the dough is basically dry, and you can take it out. If it's not easy to uncover the crust, you can put the bottom of the plate into cold water to soak it out.

Step 4
Spring roll skin is ready, we need to prepare spring roll stuffing, I use shredded chicken, red pepper Ding

Step 5
Bamboo shoots, fungus, mushrooms, salt, chicken essence, a little pepper oil seasoning for the filling, you can add black pepper.

Step 6
Take a spring roll skin, apply chili sauce, and place the filling under the skin

Step 7
Fold a slice of cheese on top.

Step 8
Then roll it up, the interface can be dipped with the paste below, and the spring roll skin can be fixed and wrapped. Then fry in 60-70% hot oil.

Step 9
Then fry in 60-70% hot oil.