New Year cake is a snack that every family in Hunan has to eat during the Chinese New Year. Meimei has loved glutinous rice since childhood. Every year when she goes back to her hometown to pay New Year’s greetings to her relatives and friends, they always give me some New Year cakes. The owner gives me some and the west gives me some. My family’s New Year cake is more than others’ New Year cake. Fortunately, everyone at home likes it, especially her son, Even more, I can’t get tired of eating every day. After the new year, my son will eat this breakfast every day. Every time he makes a large plate, he can eat it all!


Two pieces of rice cakes
Proper oil
Proper amount of salt
100g peas
Right amount of carrot
A corn


Step 1
Cut the rice cake into square and small granules.

Step 2
Cut the carrot leaves into granules as big as the New Year cake, and prepare the peas and corn.

Step 3
Heat the oil pan, put the diced rice cakes into the pot, stir fry quickly until the surface is slightly burnt yellow, add a bowl of water, boil the rice cakes until soft, pour peas and carrots, cook for two minutes, the vegetables are ripe, and the soup can be dried.

Step 4
This delicious food should be eaten while it is hot. Eating glutinous rice when it is hot is conducive to digestion.