hotbed chives
romaine lettuce
Chicken essence
Cooking wine
Oyster sauce
Sesame oil
Blend oil


Step 1
Cook agaric in water, soak in cold water, chop leek, wash lettuce and dry.

Step 2
Mix minced pork with broken agaric and leek, add egg, proper amount of cooking wine, oil, sesame oil, pepper, salt, chicken essence and raw powder, stir well in one direction and marinate for half an hour.

Step 3
The bottom of the soup can be boiled with upper soup or ordinary water added with seasoning. I used shrimp soup. I boiled it with shrimp skin and added appropriate amount of salt and magic food.

Step 4
Cut a small amount of leek into small pieces, add a small amount of sesame oil and oil, stir and put in a bowl, add the soup and set aside.

Step 5
Wonton cooked in the pot, the whole egg noodles cooked in the pot for a moment, soak in cold water to dry water, and then boil in the pot for a few seconds, pick up the water to dry, lettuce boiled.

Step 6
Put the cooked wonton in a bowl, add proper amount of sesame oil and oyster sauce to the noodles and lettuce, stir well and serve.