Wonton, in dialect written by Yang Xiong in the Western Han Dynasty, refers to “cake is called” wonton “. Wonton is a kind of cake. The difference is that it is filled with stuffing and eaten after cooking; If cooked with soup, it is called “soup cake”. In ancient China, it was regarded as a sealed bun without seven orifices, so it was called “hundun”. According to the rules of Chinese characters, it was later called “wonton”.


(veal) 1000g beef
1 white radish
Right amount of scallion
1 piece of ginger
Right amount of Zanthoxylum powder
Proper amount of ginger powder
10g refined salt
10g chicken essence
30g corn oil
2 eggs


Step 1
Remove the tendons and brain from the fresh veal and slice it into thin slices.

Step 2
Cut into thin strips, then chop, beat two egg whites inside and mix well. Don't put the egg yolk. Save it for soup or something.

Step 3
One white radish, wash and set aside.

Step 4
Rub white radish into thin silk, chop and set aside.

Step 5
Put the turnip in a boiling water pan and cook for 10 minutes until it is cooked.

Step 6
Take it up and cool it, wrap it in a clean cloth, remove the moisture, and knead it like this.

Step 7
Chopped green onion, you can put more green onion, green onion with beef bar fragrance.

Step 8
Put the chopped beef, radish, scallion and fresh ginger into the pot, as shown in the picture.

Step 9
Hot pot oil, you can cook more oil than usual.

Step 10
Pour the hot oil on the ginger and scallion to taste.

Step 11
Add some pepper powder, ginger powder, salt and chicken essence. Mix well.

Step 12
Prepare wonton skin. It's ready-made from the supermarket.

Step 13
Take the dough and put some stuffing in the middle.

Step 14
Fold it in half and squeeze it tightly on three sides. If it's not easy to squeeze, you can squeeze it tightly with less water.

Step 15
Then fold it in half, like this. Yuanbao wonton is a success.

Step 16
It's all wrapped up, waiting for the wonton to be cooked.

Step 17
Add water and bring to a boil. Put in the leaves of the green vegetables. Cook and remove.

Step 18
Remove the vegetable leaves and put them into the wonton. Gently push the wonton with a spoon to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Step 19
Wonton in the pot for 8 minutes, add salt, chicken essence, tomato seasoning, you can also add vinegar seasoning, this weather cold people, more vinegar is good for the body.

Step 20
Wait for 1 minute for the soup to boil. Put it in a bowl. It's delicious