It is said that wonton in Cantonese comes from wonton in the north, because the Cantonese pronunciation is similar.


78 grams of plum head meat
70g fresh shrimp
15g egg white
1g chicken essence
3 grams of raw tobacco
3 G peanut oil
1 gram salt
20 wonton skins
11g chives
3 G chives
2G chicken essence
A little raw
A little peanut oil


Step 1
The ingredients are prepared and weighed. The egg is separated from the egg white and yolk of medium size. The yolk is reserved for other purposes.

Step 2
Clean the plum head meat, dry the surface with kitchen paper towel and cut into small pieces.

Step 3
Remove the shell of the fresh shrimp and the shrimp line on the back, and cut into small pieces.

Step 4
Remove the head and beard of chives, rinse them clean and cut them finely.

Step 5
Put the plum head meat and shrimp into the meat grinder.

Step 6
Start to mince the plum head meat and shrimp into stuffing.

Step 7
Add egg white, continue to mince meat function, let egg white and meat mixed evenly.

Step 8
Add 1 g chicken essence, 3 G soy sauce, 3 G peanut oil and 1 g salt, and stir evenly with a silicone scraper.

Step 9
Put chives into the meat stuffing and stir well.

Step 10
Take a piece of wonton skin and put some meat stuffing in the middle with chopsticks.

Step 11
Concave the wonton skin and pinch the closing part with a tiger mouth.

Step 12
All finished wontons, if not packaged and eaten now, can be put into fresh-keeping bags, separated by a little distance between wontons, and put into frozen storage.

Step 13
Pour most of the water into the deep pot, bring to a boil over high heat, add the wonton and turn to medium heat.

Step 14
Open the lid and cook until the wonton floats on the water. Cook for a little while and turn off the fire.

Step 15
Add 2G chicken essence and 3G chives, stir gently, take out the wonton and put it in a bowl, add a little raw oil and peanut oil, scoop in a spoonful of soup and eat it.