Hand made noodles made by ourselves are very powerful


400g noodles
18 wontons
5g oil
2 g salt
5g oyster sauce
3 grams of raw tobacco
1 chive


Step 1
Get the materials ready

Step 2
Wash scallion

Step 3
Cut into scallions

Step 4
In a bowl, add oil, salt, oyster sauce and soy sauce

Step 5
Add scallion

Step 6
Boiling water

Step 7
Add boiling water

Step 8
Add wonton and cook for 2 minutes

Step 9
Add the noodles and cook until cooked

Step 10
Bailed out, supercooled River

Step 11
Boil the water again

Step 12
Add noodles and wonton

Step 13
Boil until boiling