Wonton noodle


Green onion


Step 1
Put your thumb in the middle and nest.

Step 2
Dip some water in the right corner, and fold the left corner up to make a hand.

Step 3
Then pull the two ends neatly to make the filling bulge in the middle, forming the shape of Yuanbao with both ends cocked up.

Step 4
Cut parsley and green onion into small pieces.

Step 5
The method of shredded egg is: beat an egg, add a little salt, mix well, add a little water. Then heat the pan, add a little oil and wipe it evenly with paper to make the pan have a thin layer of oil.

Step 6
Then add the egg, turn the pot, let the egg paste evenly on the pot. The fire should not be too big. When the surface of the egg cake congeals and the color is bright yellow, pay attention not to be completely dry. Turn off the fire and put it down a little. Lift the egg cake along the surface, use a wooden shovel to reach in from the place where it is lifted, and then prop up the egg cake completely. Fold up the bright layer of the egg cake and cut it into shreds.

Step 7
Add a little salt into the water and bring to a boil. Then add the wonton soup and turn to medium heat immediately. Cook without covering.

Step 8
Noodles, I use silver noodles here, also cooked in the same pot, and then dried in cold water.

Step 9
Code the wonton and noodles, add the scallion, coriander and egg, add the soup prepared in advance, and season with a little fresh soy sauce and fish sauce.