In the tip of the tongue in China, we learned that the shrimp wonton noodles are made of duck eggs and noodles, which need to be repeatedly rolled with bamboo bars to make the noodles crisp and elastic. We can’t buy raw duck eggs here, so I use eggs and noodles, and use the noodle press to press them several times. The effect is really good.


300 grams of pork
300g shrimp
250 g flour
2 eggs
Appropriate amount of rape


Step 1
Peel the shrimp, wash the desander line, and dice a small part of the shrimp

Step 2
The rest of the shrimp and lean meat together, add all the seasonings except sesame oil, and use the cooking machine to make minced meat

Step 3
Remove minced meat, add sesame oil and diced fat, stir in one direction until strong

Step 4
Finally, add diced shrimps and mix well to make wonton stuffing

Step 5
Mix flour, salt and eggs to make a hard dough. Because the egg size is different, there is no amount of flour. I added a cup (150g) first, and then slowly added some.

Step 6
Finally, the flour can be mixed into a dough just like a snowflake.

Step 7
Cut the dough into pieces about 1.5cm thick

Step 8
Connect the thick pieces end to end, press thin with the first gear of the pressing machine, and then press thin after folding each time. This is the second thinning. It's very rough

Step 9
Always use the first gear, fold it in half and press it thin again. After pressing for about 20 times, the dough will be very smooth and flexible. In this process, if the surface feels sticky, sprinkle dry noodles. Sprinkle more dry noodles to make the dough hard and the noodles taste better

Step 10
After the patch is smooth, you can gradually increase the gear to press the patch thinner

Step 11
The patch gets thinner and longer

Step 12
When pressing to the 5th gear, cut the dough into appropriate length, keep some neat dough in the middle for a while, continue to press the wonton skin, and cut the rest into noodles with a fine cutter

Step 13
Shake up the cut noodles in time and sprinkle with starch to prevent sticking

Step 14
The part left as wonton skin is thinned by 6 steps and cut into appropriate size wonton skin

Step 15
Wonton skin with appropriate amount of stuffing package into wonton

Step 16
After boiling water under wonton, after boiling water point twice

Step 17
Put the wonton in a bowl

Step 18
Continue to boil water, noodles after boiling water, turn the heat down, cook for two or three minutes