The natural environment has been seriously damaged. The resources of wild fish are more and more limited. It’s not easy to eat clean fish.


1 wild black fish.
10g mashed garlic
Proper amount of water starch
3 scallions
1 Sichuan pickled cabbage.
15 spicy millet
A handful of Chinese prickly ash
100g bean sprouts
50g white vinegar
10 g pepper
1 egg
200g edible oil
1 larger Basin


Step 1
I caught a wild black fish. Kill, scale and wash.

Step 2
Remove the fish bone. Cut into slices of fish.

Step 3
Slice the fish into 2 ~ 3mm thick. The black fish is slippery. It's not good. The knife must be fast.

Step 4
Wash the fillets and bones separately in water. Control the water content for use.

Step 5
Fish fillets with egg white, pepper, cooking wine, starch, salt, MSG, chicken essence, sugar. Sizing and pickling. To be used.

Step 6
Boil lard and cooking oil. Fry the fish bone, add a lot of boiling water, wine, star anise, ginger, green onion, boil over high heat. Cook until creamy. Pour in white vinegar and pickled pepper water. Use another pot to stir fry sauerkraut, bean sprouts and millet until they are cooked and fragrant. Be sure to stir fry them with high fire, and then pour them into bone soup.

Step 7
Boil for about one minute. Use a large leaky spoon to remove the ingredients and put them in the vegetable pot. Leave the soup in the pot. Pour the starched fish fillets into the soup and bring to a boil. Remove the fish fillets with a large leaky spoon and pour them on the dish. Then pour the fish soup inside and sprinkle with mashed garlic. chopped green onion. pepper.

Step 8
Soak the dried pepper and Chinese prickly ash in advance. Take it out and control the water. Burn more oil in the pan. Heat the oil 60% and pour in pepper and Chinese prickly ash. Fry out the fragrance and change color. Quickly pour it on top of the dish.. Can eat spicy can put a little more pepper and pepper. Can not eat spicy, do not put pepper and pepper, directly eat the original sauerkraut fish.