Obviously, I’ve been suffering from a kind of phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder recently. When I can’t choose the tableware, I’ve shot all the same styles and four cheap colors, bought all the same biscuits and two clothes of the same styles and different colors. It’s like making a cheese volcano bag today, squatting in front of the freezer to choose the cheese for half an hour, buying the president’s, bright or Cadbury’s… Finally, I was hesitant to pick the fire, which led to others snatching the piece of cheese I wanted to buy


240g high gluten flour
190 grams of water
60g whole wheat flour
4 g salt
15g sugar
15g milk powder
3.5G yeast
20G butter
Moderate mozzarella cheese
Cranberry in moderation


Step 1
Prepare all the ingredients.

Step 2
Pour all the ingredients except butter into the basin, mix well, and knead until expanded.

Step 3
Add butter and continue to knead until the film can be pulled out completely.

Step 4
Ferment the dough base to twice the original size, dip your fingers with flour, and the dough will not shrink.

Step 5
This process prepares the cranberries, cleans them and cuts them into small pieces.

Step 6
The dough is divided into 8 portions. And then the dough one by one exhaust spheronization relaxation.

Step 7
Take a dough and roll it into a circle.

Step 8
Wrap the mozzarella cheese and cranberry in it. Pinch tightly to make it look like a bun.

Step 9
Place the wrapped dough down.

Step 10
Put it into the middle layer of the oven to start the fermentation function, and ferment in the environment of 38 ℃ and 85 ℃ humidity, and the fermentation is twice as large as the original.

Step 11
Sift the fermented dough into flour. Then cut a cross with scissors. Use your hand to open the four corners to make the opening wider.

Step 12
Preheat the oven 180 degrees and bake in the middle of upper and lower tubes for 20 minutes.