Radish is better than ginseng in winter; White radish enters the lung and is sweet, smooth and pungent in nature. It belongs to the lung and spleen meridians. It has the effects of lowering Qi, eliminating food, removing diseases, moistening the lung, detoxifying and generating fluid, diuresis and defecation. This soup of radish and ribs is very light and suitable for all ages.


250g white radish
200g spare ribs
5g coriander
1 teaspoon salt
Proper amount of pepper


Step 1
The prepared materials are: radish, ribs and coriander

Step 2
Peel the white radish and cut it into pieces with a hob

Step 3
Wash the coriander and cut it into small pieces for standby

Step 4
Wash the ribs in advance, then put water in the pot, put the ribs, boil the blood water, and continue to cook for one minute after the water boils

Step 5
Pick up the cooked ribs, put them into clean water and clean them

Step 6
Pick up for standby

Step 7
Prepare a casserole and put the radish and ribs into the casserole

Step 8
Pour in an appropriate amount of water to cover the ingredients, and cook over high heat

Step 9
After boiling, if there is blood foam, skim it with a spoon

Step 10
Cover, turn down the heat and continue to cook for an hour

Step 11
After an hour, add an appropriate amount of salt to taste

Step 12
Add an appropriate amount of pepper

Step 13
Sprinkle coriander and you can start the pot

Step 14
Radish and ribs soup is ready. It's so comfortable to drink warm soup in winter