The theme of today’s table is pork, which is what we call white meat. In China, dishes with common ingredients such as mashed garlic and white meat, which are widely spread, are called home dishes. They perfectly carry the wonderful charm and rich emotion of the profound Chinese characters such as Chinese cuisine. This easy to cook dish, not only carries the desire of mouth, but also the taste of home. As night fell, my senior three’s eldest son dragged his tired body back home. At the moment before opening the door, he was full of problems and pressure of study. After opening the familiar door, you can see the warm delicious food on the dining table. In the charming fragrance and steaming heat, you can see mother’s tireless and busy back in the kitchen. Those tired, those troubled, the wind is light and the clouds are light. When the meal is ready, parents always put the best food on the table into their children’s bowls. They nag that their children are thin and haggard. Watching their children eat their own dishes, their parents’ faces are full of happy smiles, and their children’s hearts are full of warm feelings. These common dishes are often ignored at the dinner table, Now it is so delicious and attractive, because these dishes, there is a world’s most delicious seasoning – the taste of home, the taste of love.


500g pork
1 shallot
1 cucumber
1 carrot
Appropriate amount of ginger and garlic
A little prickly ash
2 large pieces
2 teaspoons cooking wine
1 teaspoon spicy oil
Half a bowl of mashed garlic
A little white vinegar


Step 1
Now wash the pork you bought back. When you go to buy it, you should pay attention to the meat with many layers and fat and thin

Step 2
Put into the pot, add the seasoning, onion, ginger, pepper, vinegar

Step 3
Put cooking wine to boil for 40 minutes, and finally use chopsticks to insert the pork. If you can enter quickly, it means that the meat is cooked.

Step 4
Use a scalpel to slice the cucumber and carrot.

Step 5
Marinate the carrot slices with salt.

Step 6
Roll carrot slices and cucumber slices into rolls and put them on the plate.

Step 7
To prepare the mashed garlic, add white vinegar, a little soy sauce and Zhongjing spicy oil into the mashed garlic.

Step 8
Stir to make it mixed evenly

Step 9
Take out the cooked meat, cool and slice. Swing the plate. Just pour in the garlic sauce