It’s said that brother pig, who is fat and thin, falls in love with Jiao Jiao Mei. Then, you know


150g pork
50g onion
100g green pepper
150g rice
5g garlic sprouts
3 G Douchi
5g oyster sauce
10g soy sauce
5g star anise
1g fragrant leaves
5g garlic
20G scallion
20G ginger


Step 1
Add two pieces of star anise, a few fragrant leaves, two or three cloves of garlic and green onion to the pork or pork. Cook for 20 minutes. Remove and cool. Slice. About 3 mm thick

Step 2
Cut ingredients, eat by yourself, whatever you like

Step 3
Oil the pork in the pan. When you see that the edge of the pork is slightly rolled and poured out, put the meat back in the pan and fry it. The dry food will change a little. When you fry it, pour it out. When you oil it, add green pepper, onion and bean curd. When you pour it out, add Douban sauce and Douchi to stir fry it until it is fragrant. When you add good oil, stir fry the green pepper, onion and meat twice, Next, stir fry all the ingredients about 5 times (at least the ingredients should be spread out)

Step 4
Put the cooked rice in a bowl, put it on the plate, sprinkle the fried black sesame seeds, set the plate, decorate the plate a little, it doesn't matter if you eat by yourself. Spoon the fried rice next to the rice, wipe the edge of the plate, put chopsticks or other tableware on it