Lao Guang’s beautiful sugar water. It can be cooked in summer and autumn to nourish yin and reduce dryness. It is very suitable for adults and children. You might as well boil such sugar water at home for your family to drink and reduce autumn dryness.


30g fresh ginkgo
50g beancurd
50g job's tears
7 quail eggs
120g rock sugar
Proper amount of water


Step 1
Prepare ingredients

Step 2
Remove the coat and core of ginkgo, add water, and soak job's tears and beancurd in water for half an hour

Step 3
Boil quail eggs in boiling water and remove the shells

Step 4
Pour water into the pot, fill the pot with water as much as possible, add the cleaned ginkgo and job's tears, boil over high fire, and then turn to medium fire to stew slowly until the job's tears are waxy and rotten

Step 5
Pour in dried bean curd and quail eggs, add rock sugar and boil over high heat until 10-20 minutes