Recently, “what is page” has become popular. It is the lack of family affection in society that has aroused everyone’s resonance. If you have nothing to do, you often go home and have a look. After the elderly look forward to their children’s mood, they deeply understand it when they become parents. This cartoon was not seen by my children when they were young, and it was quite popular.


Proper amount of yam
Right amount of eggs
Appropriate amount of black sesame paste
Appropriate amount of Cherry Radish
Appropriate amount of black olive
Appropriate amount of edible oil
Appropriate strawberry fruit paste
Appropriate amount of blueberry cream
Appropriate amount of mint leaves
Appropriate amount of seaweed
Proper amount of corn starch


Step 1
Get the ingredients ready.

Step 2
Break up the eggs and add a little starch water.

Step 3
Put a layer of oil on the mold and pour in the egg liquid.

Step 4
Put yam and egg liquid into the steaming oven. Choose the steaming mode of 100 degrees for 30 minutes, and the eggs can be taken out after steaming for 5 minutes.

Step 5
After steaming yam, peel it and grind it into mud.

Step 6
Add a small part of strawberry fruit paste and mix well to make it pink.

Step 7
Pinch the heads of page and George.

Step 8
White pinch out the body and eyes, black sesame paste painted eyes and shoes.

Step 9
Draw the shape of the nose and apply the fruit paste to the color of the clothes.

Step 10
Cherry turnips and black olives make ladybugs.

Step 11
Cut out the stars from the steamed egg cake.

Step 12
Under the mint leaf shop, decorated with stars.