It’s a famous dish of Zhuji. Although I don’t think my photos of the finished product are so beautiful, it’s a must order dish for public occasions. It’s also the only special dish of Zhuji that I made for my classmates when I was in college. Although it’s not as famous as the pickled fish or boiled meat of Sichuan cuisine, it’s definitely a nutritious, healthy and delicious recommended dish!


1 box of tofu (South)
50g lean meat
Half chicken gizzard
Half chicken liver
1 small spring bamboo shoot
1 egg (native chicken)
Proper amount of edible oil
Appropriate amount of salt
A little sugar
Proper amount of chicken soup
2 tbsp sweet potato flour
Appropriate amount of water


Step 1
1. Prepare ingredients: cut lean meat, chicken gizzard, chicken liver and spring bamboo shoots, break up eggs, and melt sweet potato powder with water.

Step 2
2. Stir fry: leave a little oil in the hot pot, then add the minced lean meat, chicken gizzards, chicken liver and bamboo shoots in turn, add a little sugar and salt during the stir fry, then stir fry, add water, bring to a boil, and then add half a bowl of chicken soup.

Step 3
3. Add egg liquid: after boiling, add egg liquid in a circle. After boiling for more than ten seconds, slide the shovel to open the egg liquid.

Step 4
4. Add tofu: the box tofu is directly cut into small pieces with a shovel. After boiling the water again, pour in the tofu, and then use the shovel to chop the larger tofu pieces.

Step 5
5. add starch to thicken: after the water is opened, add the water starch that has been adjusted before, and add it slowly in the way of picture circle. This will become a soup, and the soup will boil out and bubble out.