West lake vinegar fish is a Jiangsu and Zhejiang dish. It usually uses a kilogram and a half of grass carp as raw material. The cooked fish is poured with a few spoonfuls of oily sugar and vinegar. The fish meat is fresh, sour and sweet, and very delicious.


800g grass carp
20G ginger slices
10g ginger powder
50g balsamic vinegar
10g chopped green onion
40g sugar
2 g salt
20G water starch
10g yellow rice wine
2G white pepper


Step 1
Xinhejia's products are tightly packed and have great face when used to give gifts. Today, we'll use them to make a very delicious west lake vinegar fish

Step 2
Clean the fish and break it

Step 3
Spread the fish on the plate and cut the flower knife obliquely on the fish

Step 4
Cut the scallion into sections, slice the ginger, and then prepare an appropriate amount of ginger

Step 5
Pour water into the pot, add scallion and ginger slices, and season with yellow rice wine, salt and pepper

Step 6
After the water boils, put in the fish

Step 7
Pour cold water several times and soak the fish rather than cook it. Don't let the water boil. It's easy to break the fish when the water boils

Step 8
Take out the fish carefully and put it on the plate

Step 9
Heat the oil pan and stir in minced ginger

Step 10
Pour in rice wine and 150ml boiled fish soup

Step 11
Add 50g balsamic vinegar, 40g sugar and 2G salt. Bring to a boil and thicken with starch

Step 12
Sprinkle the minced ginger on the fish, and then pour the sauce on it

Step 13
Eat while it's hot