I had this soup in a restaurant a long time ago


300g beef
A handful of parsley
Four mushrooms
4 g ginger
A spoonful of cooking wine
Two proteins
Proper amount of salt
0.2g pepper powder


Step 1
If you use dried mushrooms

Step 2
It takes a little patience to chop it into fine foam

Step 3
Clean the fresh beef and freeze it in the refrigerator

Step 4
Ditto, chop into thin minced meat

Step 5
Coriander is essential, super love

Step 6
Chop ginger into fine foam

Step 7
Two eggs, just the protein part

Step 8
Fill the pot with water and add the chopped minced beef [in fact, the beef can be put in a bowl and scalded with hot water before being put into the pot

Step 9
After the water boils, drain the water and rinse the floating foam with warm water

Step 10
Take a wok, add a little more water, bring to a boil, add minced beef and ginger and cook together

Step 11
Add chopped mushrooms and continue to cook

Step 12
When you feel almost the same, add an appropriate amount of salt

Step 13
Seasoning with white pepper

Step 14
Pour in starch and thicken. Remember to pour it twice

Step 15
Slowly pour in the egg white and remember to stir it quickly to make the egg white into a flying floc

Step 16
Finally, sprinkle coriander and sesame oil

Step 17
Stir well and bring it out of the pot. You can often taste it and see what you want to add

Step 18
It's a super delicious soup. You must try it at home

Step 19
"Make friends that make you happy