Green brings a cool feeling to summer. In the summer of loss of appetite, a bowl of green vegetable soup will certainly make people have a big appetite. A beauty soup that can clear heat, detoxify and nourish the face is recommended. The practice is healthy and the ingredients are ordinary. Adults and children like it when it is well prepared


100g west blue flower
1 lactone tofu
1 egg
5g salt
2 grams of raw extract
15g water starch


Step 1
When the ingredients are ready, soak the broccoli in salt water for a while

Step 2
Cut off the broccoli and tear it into small flowers

Step 3
Take the tofu out of the box

Step 4
Add some water and bring to a boil. Add broccoli and salt and bring to a boil

Step 5
Cut tofu into small pieces and cook it in a pot

Step 6
Add a little raw soy sauce

Step 7
Thicken with starch

Step 8
Add the egg liquid, stir well, pour a few drops of sesame oil into the pot, and the delicious xilanhua tofu soup is ready