After “gourmet hero” exchanged “shuangliren” knives, he couldn’t wait to make this “Wensi tofu soup” that tested both knives and knives. Although it was the first operation, although the hands were still shaking and cutting up the tofu when cutting tofu, the final result was still very satisfactory, which was mainly attributed to the awesome cutting tools.


100g lactone tofu
25g ham sausage
10g fresh mushrooms
25g cucumber
500g broth
3 g salt
15g corn starch
1g chicken essence


Step 1
Prepare ingredients: lactone tofu, fresh mushrooms, ham sausage, cucumber and broth

Step 2
First cut the ham sausage, cucumber and mushroom into thin filaments for standby

Step 3
Put 100g lactone tofu on the chopping board

Step 4
Dip the knife in water (anti sticking), slice the tofu first, and then cut it into thin filaments (this step should be light, ha, the tofu is very tender)

Step 5
After cutting, put it into the water and cut it open

Step 6
Then blanch it in boiling water for half a minute, remove it, and soak it in clean water for standby

Step 7
Add the soup into the casserole, and then add an appropriate amount of water (if all the soup is better)

Step 8
Bring to a boil over high heat, add shredded mushrooms, cover the pot, turn to medium low heat and cook for about 10 minutes

Step 9
Soup is inseparable from thickening. At this time, let's prepare water starch. First put 15g corn starch in the bowl, then add 15g water and mix well

Step 10
Add shredded ham sausage and shredded tofu after the mushrooms are cooked and bring to a boil

Step 11
Cook for a moment. Add shredded cucumber

Step 12
Add 3 grams of salt, gently push with a spoon and stir well

Step 13
Turn the heat down, mix the lake powder again, slowly pour it into the soup pot, and gently stir it with a spoon. When the thicken is finished, boil it over high heat and turn off the fire immediately

Step 14
Finally, add chicken essence and mix well. It's very delicious