Water chestnut, also known as horseshoe, we call it Castanea mollissima. It tastes crisp and sweet. It can be used not only as a fruit, but also as a vegetable. It has the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, cooling blood and generating fluid, eliminating food and swelling. Water chestnut balls are made by peeling and shredding water chestnuts and mixing them with minced pork. The balls taste rich, fragrant, greasy and delicious.


400g minced pork
200g water chestnut
300 ml oil
15ml yellow rice wine
4 g salt
20ml raw extract
20G egg white
5g shallots
2 tbsp water starch
A little sugar
10ml soy sauce


Step 1
Prepare minced pork and water chestnuts

Step 2
Add salt, rice wine and egg white to the minced pork. Stir the raw soy sauce clockwise until it is sticky. Wash and peel the water chestnut

Step 3
Then chop the water chestnut into fine powder and mix with the pork powder

Step 4
Mix and stir well, repeatedly pick it up and beat it in a bowl until it is sticky

Step 5
Prepare scallion and water starch

Step 6
Pour oil into the hot pot

Step 7
Heat the oil for 6 minutes to make uniform balls and deep fry

Step 8
After the bottom of the ball changes color, gently shake the pot to make the ball heat evenly

Step 9
Deep fry until cooked, control the oil and remove

Step 10
Pour out all the oil and return the balls to the pot

Step 11
Add raw and old soy sauce, stir fry and pour in water

Step 12
After burning for a while, add a little sugar to taste

Step 13
Add water starch and thicken. Turn off the heat and take out of the pot

Step 14
Put it in a bowl and sprinkle with scallions