Walnut chicken legs are cooked with fresh and tender chicken and walnuts. I remove the bones of the chicken legs first and then marinate them. Finally, I roll them up with tin foil and steam them. I mix a bowl of spicy cold sauce suitable for my own taste. Finally, I fry the walnuts in oil and add them to the chicken legs. When I eat them, I eat them together with the chicken. It tastes very rich, The fresh and tender chicken and crispy walnut pieces will bring a satisfying taste in the mouth. Whether it’s wine or rice, it’s quite delicious.


500g chicken leg
100g walnut kernel
5g ginger slices
1 tbsp rice wine
5g shallots
2 tbsp fresh soy sauce
A little oil pepper
3 g salt
1 tbsp rice vinegar


Step 1
Wash chicken legs

Step 2
Prepare shallots, rice wine and ginger slices

Step 3
First cut the chicken leg with a knife and then remove the bone along the chicken bone

Step 4
Put green onion, ginger, yellow rice wine and salt into a bowl and marinate for 2 hours

Step 5
After that, pick up the chicken legs and put them flat in tin foil. Put 2 pieces of tin foil and roll them up from bottom to top

Step 6
After rolling up, pinch and tighten the mouth, including both ends, put them all into the steamer, put them on the pot in cold water, steam them in high fire for about 15 minutes, and then come out of the pot

Step 7
While steaming chicken legs, prepare walnuts, scallions and small bowls. Add fresh soy sauce, rice vinegar, oil pepper and white sesame to mix well into the sauce

Step 8
Cold oil in a cold pot, add walnuts, stir fry for a period of time until fragrant, and then remove the oil control

Step 9
Chop up the fried walnuts. Don't chop them too much

Step 10
Take the chicken leg out of the tin foil and cut it into pieces

Step 11
First put the chicken leg into the plate, then add the walnut kernel and scallion, pour in the juice and enjoy