When summer comes, cold dishes are more refreshing and popular. I cook for my family and feel very beautiful. Nuts are fried with home grown peanuts and brought by my mother. It tastes more like home and the warmth of love.


400g spinach
150g vermicelli
100g peanuts
1 tablespoon raw soy sauce
Half a spoonful of salt
1 tablespoon fuel consumption
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon vinegar
Half a spoonful of sesame oil


Step 1
Get a handful of spinach ready.

Step 2
Wash spinach and cut into sections for later use.

Step 3
Boil a pot of water and blanch the spinach for two minutes

Step 4
Remove the boiled spinach and squeeze the water

Step 5
The vermicelli are boiled in advance and cut into pieces

Step 6
Continue to blanch the vermicelli with boiled water that blanched the spinach, and remove it after two minutes

Step 7
Remove the vermicelli and drain the water

Step 8
Peel the peanuts and set aside

Step 9
Heat the pot to cool the oil. Put the peanuts into the pot and stir fry. Be sure to use low heat, otherwise it is easy to stir fry

Step 10
Put spinach and vermicelli in a basin

Step 11
Make sauce. Raw soy sauce, salt, vinegar, sesame oil and fuel consumption are used

Step 12
Pour the sauce into the basin and stir the spinach vermicelli evenly

Step 13
Take out the fried peanuts and put them on the spinach vermicelli. And sprinkle a little sugar to taste.