Minced garlic vermicelli shrimp is a traditional famous dish in Hainan. The main materials are shrimp and vermicelli, and the auxiliary materials are garlic, onion and red pepper. It is one of the traditional Shanghai dishes. It is characterized by fresh and delicious, bright color, rich nutrition and suitable for all ages.


12 prawns
A roll of fans
Two onions
16 cloves garlic
5 millet peppers
Proper cooking wine
Proper raw extract
Proper oyster sauce
A little white pepper


Step 1
Prepare the above materials

Step 2
Soak the vermicelli in warm water for 3-5min

Step 3
Kick off the shrimp line, cut off the shrimp beard and cut off the shrimp back

Step 4
Minced garlic

Step 5
Chop millet, pepper and scallion and set aside

Step 6
Place the soaked vermicelli under the plate and the shrimp in turn; Fans who like to eat fans can put more

Step 7
Put the oil in the pot until the oil is hot

Step 8
Add minced garlic and stir fry until fragrant

Step 9
Add some cooking wine, some soy sauce, some oyster sauce and a little white pepper, then stir and turn off the heat

Step 10
Pour the cooked sauce over the shrimp

Step 11
Put water in the pot, steam the shrimp plate for 5min, and then turn off the fire for 2min

Step 12
Then bring it out and put in the green onion and millet pepper section

Step 13
Put the oil in the pot until the oil is hot

Step 14
Pour the hot oil on the minced garlic, millet and pepper, and it's ready