Chinese food is really wonderful. The same stuffing makes dumplings a taste. Wrapping dumplings is another taste. What’s more, it has the same stuffing and the same dough. Some people like to bake them into boxes, salty and delicious. It’s another delicacy to bake into pie. My family is like this. I like to eat leek boxes. My husband prefers pie. Today, I made my husband’s favorite vegetarian three fresh pie with eggs, leeks and shrimp skin. It has thin skin and many fillings. It’s delicious!


300g leek
400g flour
2 eggs
1 handful of shrimps
1 tbsp oyster sauce
4 g salt
30g peanut oil


Step 1
Mix the flour with cold water to form a smooth dough (the flour is softer) and wake up for a while

Step 2
Wash leeks

Step 3
Fry the eggs and add the shrimps

Step 4
Cut the leek into small pieces and put in broken eggs and shrimps

Step 5
Add in oil, oyster sauce, salt and mix well

Step 6
Divide the dough into small ingredients, roll out the crust, and put one crust into the filling

Step 7
Wrap it into a bun first

Step 8
Press gently with water

Step 9
Preheat the electric cake pan and bake the pie