The ingredients of vegetarian three delicacies should be shrimp, but I replaced shrimp with shrimp skin, and the effect is also good. My husband praises while eating. If you like, you can try it


500g flour
100g eggs
500g leek
20G shrimp skin
50g oil
10g salt
5g monosodium glutamate
2 tablespoons sesame oil


Step 1
First, add flour and yeast, mix with warm water and flour, and wake up into a honeycomb

Step 2
Heat the pot, pour in an appropriate amount of oil, fry the shrimp skin to make it fragrant

Step 3
Pour in the egg liquid and scatter it quickly

Step 4
Wash leeks

Step 5
Chop it up and put it in the pot

Step 6
Add salt, monosodium glutamate and sesame oil and stir evenly

Step 7
Exhaust, pull into small agent

Step 8
Roll skin

Step 9
Wrap the buns into buns and put them on the drawer ~ to wake up for the second time. Turn the fire from high to low, steam for 10 minutes, turn off the fire, and then simmer for 2 minutes