Why is it so fresh? In addition to the sufficient amount of materials, there are many kinds of materials: Sea rice, fresh shrimps, fungus, eggs, gluten… Listen, have you swallowed your mouth? The most important is the first attempt to add: Flammulina velutipes, which tastes better! The content of zinc in Flammulina velutipes is relatively high, which can promote children’s intellectual development and brain health. It is known as “puzzle mushroom” and “Zengzhi mushroom” in Japan and many other countries. Flammulina velutipes can effectively enhance the life activity of the body, promote metabolism in the body, facilitate the absorption and utilization of various nutrients in food, and is also very beneficial to growth and development. Regular consumption of Flammulina velutipes can not only prevent and treat liver diseases and gastric and intestinal ulcers, but also suitable for patients with hypertension, obesity and the middle-aged and elderly, mainly because it is a food with high potassium and low sodium. Flammulina velutipes can inhibit the increase of blood lipid, reduce cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Edible Flammulina velutipes has the functions of resisting fatigue, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, eliminating heavy metal salts and anti-tumor.


500g flour
350 g water
50g shrimp
20 shrimps
2 eggs
2 oil gluten
100g Flammulina velutipes
200g leek
6 g table salt
20 ml sesame oil
15 ml vegetable oil


Step 1
Pick the leeks, wash and drain the water for standby; Fungus bubble hair. Haimi soaked in warm water for ten minutes

Step 2
Add salt and sesame oil together with the sliced fresh shrimps, and mix well; Wash black fungus and Flammulina velutipes and cut them into small pieces

Step 3
Cut the oil gluten into strips, then cut it into pieces with a knife, break up the eggs, spread them into egg slices in the pot, cool them in the air, chop them up, add a little vegetable oil and mix them evenly

Step 4
Put all raw materials into a basin, add salt and sesame oil, and mix evenly; Cut the leeks into small pieces 5 mm wide

Step 5
Add leek powder into the basin, add a little vegetable oil and stir well

Step 6
Knead the dough evenly, knead it into strips, and pull it into a dosage form of the same size

Step 7
Take a preparation, flatten it, roll it into a thin dough around and thick in the middle, put in the filling, pinch it around, close it down, and press it gently; The electric cake pan is heated, the chassis is coated with vegetable oil, the pie blank is put in, and the surface is coated with vegetable oil cover

Step 8
When the indicator light is off, it can be filled out