Beans play an important role in Chinese diet. As the saying goes, “green vegetables and tofu ensure safety”. Among them, Tianjin has a famous eight treasures tofu, which is a necessary dish for people to go to restaurants in Tianjin. Originally delicious tofu Jun absorbed the taste of every side dish. It’s really delicious to explode!


A piece of North tofu
A winter bamboo shoot
Four pieces of Tricholoma
Four pieces of mushrooms
Five pieces of black fungus
A spoonful of peanuts
A spoonful of green beans
ΒΌ Root carrot
1 tablespoon raw soy sauce
1 tablespoon rock sugar
Teaspoon white pepper


Step 1
Sliced black fungus with warm water

Step 2
Cut tofu

Step 3
Sliced carrot, sliced mushroom, sliced Tricholoma, shredded ginger

Step 4
Peel the winter bamboo shoots, blanch them in hot water, drain them in cold water and set aside

Step 5
Saute shredded ginger with hot oil in the pot, pour in carrot slices and stir fry

Step 6
Then add peanuts, mushrooms, Tricholoma and fungus and stir fry until 9 mature

Step 7
Stir fry the tofu, winter bamboo shoots and green beans in the frying pan

Step 8
Add a bowl of water to the pot, season with salt, soy sauce, rock sugar and white pepper, and let the tofu absorb the soup over a low heat

Step 9
Collect the juice over high heat before coming out of the pot

Step 10
Delicious out of the oven