Today, the white bean curd that dominates the world has come into a gorgeous transformation. Nutrition and beauty all have such delicious food. Can you resist it?


200g soybeans
100g carrot
100g rape
3 G glucolide


Step 1
Soak soybeans in water for more than 8 hours after cleaning. Wash carrots and rape and cut into sections

Step 2
Soak the soybeans and carrots with water and press them into soymilk

Step 3
Then use the filter to filter out the bean dregs

Step 4
Pour the squeezed carrot and soybean milk into the rice cooker and bring to a boil. Let it cool until the temperature is about 85-90 ℃

Step 5
3 G glucolide with 30 g warm water, pour into soybean milk, stir a few times, cover rice cooker and let stand for 10 minutes

Step 6
The method of rape bean curd is the same as above

Step 7
Double color bean curd is ready

Step 8
Like to eat salty mouth can be poured with homemade marinade and chili oil, hot and sour salty, people appetite. Like to eat sweet, you can put the bean curd in the refrigerator, and pour jam on it. It's refreshing, tender and smooth. It's also a delicious summer dessert.