Cake roll, as the basic cake in the baking industry, has always been favored, so we always want to change the way of innovation and develop new products. From the heat of cake roll in the past, we can know everyone’s love for it. The two-color cake roll brought this time, I believe, struck the heartstrings of many people at the first sight. The spiral stripe made of Matcha powder can not help feeling the stimulation of taste buds. Such a delicious appearance reminds people of so and so Bisi lollipop in the candy industry. People have long known that bright divergent stripes can stimulate appetite and make people feel happy, Even bubble gum is a senior powder in the spiral stripe world. Spread jam, cream or chocolate on the inside of the two-color cake roll, and the taste spreads layer by layer. The taste is unstoppable ~ let’s see how this dazzling effect is made!


50g milk
50g salad oil
20G fine granulated sugar
4 egg yolks
85g low reinforcement powder
4 egg whites
7g Matcha powder
60g fine granulated sugar
5 drops (with or without lemon juice)


Step 1
Material Science:

Step 2
Preparation: stir milk, salad oil and 20g fine granulated sugar together

Step 3
Add egg yolk and stir well

Step 4
Sift in low gluten powder and stir evenly until there is no powder for use

Step 5
Beat egg white to foam, add 60g fine granulated sugar and lemon juice and beat until stiff

Step 6
Add one-third of the beaten egg white to the egg yolk and stir with a scraper

Step 7
Then pour back the remaining protein and mix evenly with a scraper

Step 8
Divide the mixed cake paste into two parts

Step 9
Sift one portion of Matcha powder into it and mix it quickly with a scraper

Step 10
Put the cake paste mixed with Matcha powder and the rest of the original cake paste into 2 flower mounting bags respectively

Step 11
The baking pan is coated with baking pan oil and padded with an oil paper. Squeeze the two kinds of cake paste obliquely on the baking pan, one color in each line, and put it in the oven preheated up and down for 170 degrees

Step 12
Bake the middle layer for about 25 minutes until the surface is golden yellow and stick it in with a toothpick. When you take it out, there is no wet adhesive tape on the toothpick. Bake it out of the oven, turn it over and put it on the cold rack, and tear off the oil paper at the bottom

Step 13
Turn the cake over when it is cold to warm, with the surface facing up, spread some jam or cream (according to your preference), and cut it slightly on the side where you want to roll. Don't cut it

Step 14
Roll up the oil paper with a rolling pin and roll up the cake

Step 15
Roll it up and let it stand for 10 minutes

Step 16
After setting, open the oil paper, cut it into small sections with a knife, and size it according to your preference